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2015.06.23「COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2015」に「Preforza」出展

2015年6月2日(火)~6月6日(土)の5日間、台北市のWorld Trade Centerにて開催された「COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2015」に出展しました。
Syslabo had a double sized fancy booth at Computex Taipei 2015 held during June 02 - June 06, 2015.
Around 200 visitors from approx.. 30 countries visited our booth and got explanation of Preforza, our wireless charging system.
Preforza got very favorable comments even from some world most famous companies, and we will accelerate development toward production.
Here are pictures and brief explanation of our exhibits (includes functional samples and mock ups).

Computex2015-01.jpg Computex2015-02.jpg

Wireless Multi Charging System「Preforza」

(1) スマートフォンとタブレットの充電を行えるマルチ充電パッド
Multi Charging Pad which can charge both smart phones and tablets
(2) スマートフォン用ワイヤレス充電ケース
Wireless charging cases for smart phones
For iPhone 5 / iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus
(3) タブレット用ワイヤレス充電ケース
Wireless charging cases for tablets
For iPad Air 2 / iPad mini 3 / SONY Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact
Computex2015-03.jpg Computex2015-04.jpg Computex2015-05.jpg Computex2015-06.jpg
(4) タブレット5台を同時充電できるタブレット専用ワイヤレス充電ステーション
Wireless charging station which can charge 5 x iPads simultaneously

We are working to get MFi certification for iPhone and iPad wireless charging cases. MFi certification proves that the wireless charging cases are approved by Apple and this makes our wireless charging cases reliable.
The position of Preforza is mainly for business application such as office, shops, schools, government offices and etc.
We continue development of Preforza to be the best option of this application.

Demonstration of new wireless charging technology which makes the gap between transmitter and receiver to be 20mm

This is a very new technology of wireless charging.
This demonstration use 10W input and realized 5W output with 20mm thick of a book in between.
展示の際はUSBポートで駆動する扇風機を回し、詳しいご説明の際にはiPhone 5sを充電できることも実演しました。
5W USB desk fan continued to be energized during the exhibition period and for the visitors charging iPhone 5s by this new system was demonstrated.